Common Uses of Steel

  • Automotive The automobile manufacturing mainly uses cold rolled coils for vehicle structure production. It’s a core material for the automotive industry. Mainly used for the vehicle shell and structure. VIEW DETAILS
  • Construction The construction steel mainly includes bars steel angle steel strip steel etc. With high strength steel grade, widely uses in all types of finished steel products. VIEW DETAILS
  • Marine Steel plate products are one of the most commonly used in the marine industry. It is produced by rolls with smooth surfaces and ranges of dimensions, varying in thickness. VIEW DETAILS
  • Energy General description of steel product application in energy. Energy is vital to development. VIEW DETAILS
  • Household Appliances Cold rolled coil is the main material of the household electronic shell and inner structure. Such as refrigerator, wash machine, air conditioner, oven, and office appliances. VIEW DETAILS
  • Machinery Tools and machinery cover a wide range of equipment from small workshop tools to large factory-based robotic machinery and rolling mills. Low-carbon steel can be easily machined. VIEW DETAILS