Steel Product

Steel Product

Types of Steel Products from HUARO

Importance of steel products

Steel is one of the oldest metals forged by humans and is still the most reliable and widely used material in manufacturing today. Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements, used in automobiles, construction, and dozens of other applications, starting from the iron age 4000 years ago. Steel has a major impact on our daily lives, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in, the workshops we work in, and countless others. Steel is used in our power systems-power line towers, gas pipelines, machine tools, military weapons-the list is endless.

Advantages of Steel Products

Steel is not only reliable but the preferred material in a huge range of industries.

Steel is called "The backbone of modern industry". There's a reason "tough as steel" is a popular analogy: steel constructions provide long-term strength, It provides strong structural integrity, weather resistance, and long-term strength wherever and whenever it is used. Another enormous benefit of steel is that it is 100% recyclable. Steel's unique magnetic properties make it an easy material to recover from the waste stream to be recycled. The properties of steel remain unchanged no matter how many times the steel is recycled. This means much of the steel used has been used before and will be used again, without losing any of its inherent properties along the way.

Because steel has such a long life, when we build homes, buildings, and infrastructure projects using steel, we reduce the number of times we have to continue rebuilding the same structures, which limits the raw material production, machinery use, and transportation required by new construction, and further reduces carbon emissions.

High-quality Steel Products Provided by HUARO

HUARO mainly deals with types of semi-finished steel products, for example, steel slab, steel billet, and bloom HRC and CRC, galvanized steel tinplate steel, etc. If you are a steel rolling mill, or shipbuilding company or household appliances enterprise, or even automotive producer, HUARO can provide you with satisfactory materials. Besides, a series of steelmaking raw materials are also available in our stock. We can provide types of steel products, such as iron ore, iron ore concentrate, steel pellets, direct reduced iron(DRI), hot briquetted iron(HBI), etc., to our customers all over the world.