Iron Ore Concentrate

Iron Ore Concentrate

Description of Iron Ore Concentrate

Iron ore concentrate is produced from the magnetite iron ore in the beneficiation process. When the iron ore is mined, first it will be crushed by a crusher, after a preliminary screening, it is sent to the large gyrator crusher, and then the broken materials will be sent to the concentrator for grinding, separating, and concentrating, After fine grinding, and another fineness screening, removing the impurities such as silica and sand, iron ore concentrate is produced. Thus, iron ore concentrate can also be considered as concentrated iron ore.

Iron ore concentrate is divided into three types according to the Fe content: Iron ore concentrate with Fe content less than 63%, iron ore concentrate with 65-69.5% Fe content, and iron ore concentrate with Fe content more than 69.5%. The price of iron ore concentrate varies with the content of Fe in the iron ore concentrate. The Fe content and price of iron ore concentrate depends on the customer's demand.

The total metal content of iron ore concentrate is much higher than that of the iron ore. After the crushing, grinding, mineral processing, the iron ore concentrate is ready for the production of steel pellets. Good pelletizing performance of iron concentrate is the basis and premise of producing high quality pellet.

Use of iron ore concentrate:

Iron ore concentrate is used for the production of steel pellets for blast furnaces and sinter. The high content of Fe in iron ore concentrate improves the efficiency of sintering and subsequent blast furnace production.

Features of iron ore concentrate:

Iron ore concentrate has a high content of iron and low level of impurities, and iron ore concentrate is non - toxic, non - flammable, and non - explosive, so it has very good stability. Iron ore concentrate also has good performance, stable quality, high output, low cost, and less energy consumption.

Advantages of iron ore concentrate:

One advantage of iron ore concentrate is that making homogenized heaps requires no additional damping. Another advantage of the iron ore concentrate is the low SiO2 content. Also,it is easy to transport. As long as iron ore concentrate is properly stored (no contamination, no mixing with any other materials or leakage of cargo is guaranteed), iron ore concentrate can be transported by any means of transport, usually the iron ore concentrate is shipped as a bulk commodity by rail using the open-top rolling stock and by sea. 

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