Steel Bloom

Steel Bloom

Description of Steel Bloom

Usually, during hot rolling, the bloom is a semi-finished nearly square solid metal form between the ingot and the billet. The cross-section of the slab bloom is usually greater than 225 square centimeters and about 8 to 12 meters long. In the rolling mill, it is broken down into finished products such as bars, beams and sheet piles. In earlier mills, ingots were made from cast ingots (called "nodular iron"), but in modern mills they are made by continuous casting. 

Production Procedure of Steel Bloom

The ingots, still hot sometimes, reach the tram plate mill and billet mill and are placed upright in a soaking pit under the floor by a special crane. Steel bloom are rectangular gas chambers about 5 meters deep, in which four to eight ingots are simultaneously heated to about 1,250°C (2,300°F). The soaking pit is highly computerized and can be used for scheduling, firing rate, heating time (lasting 8 to 18 hours) and rolling programs.

After heating, the conveyor carries the hot ingot to a two-high reversing mill, which passes, again and again, turning the roll and roll table over each time the ingot passes. Since each pass reduces the bloom by only about 50mm, 21 passes may be required, including several edges pass, and the bloom stands upright on its edge to obtain a slab bloom billet of 150mm*150mm.

Recommended Products
  • Tinplate coil can be widely used in the canning, can ends, larger containers and a range of closed parts packaging industry. Different grades with great corrosion resistance.
  • Continuous casting slab production process. The molten steel is continuously poured into the water-cooled copper mold. The slab shell is solidified gradually along the periphery of the mold.
  • The cold rolled sheet are manufactured from the hot rolled sheet. The hot rolled sheet are cleaned chemically and processed further in cold reduction mills.
Related Applications
Application in Huaro's product range includes steel industry and its raw materials supply, the whole production procedure contents several important elements, such as iron ore, pellets, DRI, HBI and slab products. Huaro plays a critical role in the upstream and downstream supply chain circle world widely, to serve the whole industry.