Hot Rolled Strip

Hot Rolled Strip

Description of Hot Rolled Steel Strip

Hot Rolled Steel Strip generally refers to a coiled steel strip having a thickness of 1 to 20 mm, and the width is generally 600 to 2000 mm. The hot rolled steel strip can be used directly as a hot rolled steel sheet, or a cold rolled strip can be supplied as a billet. Widely used in automotive, electrical, chemical, shipbuilding, and other industrial sectors, but also as a billet for cold rolled, welded pipe, cold-formed steel production. Strip hot strip mill is the main equipment for producing hot rolled steel strip, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, high output, and good quality.

Production Procedure of Hot Rolled Steel Strip

The slab is the first production material of the rolling of hot rolled steel strip and the surface cleaning can be manually or by a scarfing machine with running the oxyacetylene torch. The treatment of the slab is pushed or walked over the wide side through a heating furnace with a dimension of 13 meters by 30 meters in diameter. These furnaces have the advantage of not creating cold streaks and slippage on the slab. As with flat and thick plates, the preheating temperature is approximately 1,250°C. After roughing, when needed for metallurgical reasons, it goes into the long (about 140 m) roll in front of the finishing mill for cooling. When the slab (at a speed of about 20 meters per minute) enters the finishing mill line, crop shear cuts off the head and tail, and high-pressure steam jets remove the secondary oxide coating formed during the rolling process. The strip is then rolled to a final thickness of 1.5 to 10 mm by six to seven high finishing mill stands. 

Application of Hot Rolled Steel Strip

There are four ways for hot rolled steel strip according to product width and production process: hot strip rolling of wide strip steel, reversible hot rolling of wide strip steel, hot strip rolling of narrow strip steel and hot strip rolling with a planetary rolling mill. The strip steel is made of plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, and silicon steel. Hot rolled steel strip is mainly used for raw materials of cold rolled strip, welded pipe, cold-formed and welded steel or for making various components.

Recommended Products
  • The characteristic of hot rolled steel sheet is akin to hot rolled steel coil. Advantages of our hot rolled steel sheet is that the surface finish of the product is not an issue.
  • The production of hot rolled steel coil is the first procedure for the steel slab. After the first mill and finish mill, the thickness will reduce and finally get hot rolled coil.
  • High quality and value-added pickled coils are available! Good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, fine appearance. The main application includes utomotive industry, the compressor industry, ect.
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Application in Huaro's product range includes steel industry and its raw materials supply, the whole production procedure contents several important elements, such as iron ore, pellets, DRI, HBI and slab products. Huaro plays a critical role in the upstream and downstream supply chain circle world widely, to serve the whole industry.