Household Appliances

Application of Steel in Household Electronic

General description of steel products application in Household Electronic

In the household appliance industry, most of the steel products used for electrical products account for more than 80%, and the plates account for 95% of the total steel consumption. Home appliance panels include cold rolled carbon steel sheet, hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, color coating, hot-rolling pickling, stainless steel, and silicon steel sheets. The proportion of various types of household appliances is: general cold rolled steel plate 26%, galvanized steel sheet 38%, electrical steel plate 12%, pickled steel plate 10%, stainless steel plate 7%, color coated PPGI steel plate 7%, aluminum-plated zinc steel plate 1 %. The most consumed varieties are cold-rolled sheets, hot-dip galvanized sheets, electro-galvanized steel sheets, and color-coated steel sheets.

Huaro's steel products in the Household Electronic

At present, the annual consumption of steel in China's household appliance industry is about 9.2 million tons, including 2.25 million tons of cold-rolled sheets, 3.7 million tons of hot-dip galvanized sheets, 1.1 million tons of silicon steel, 900,000 tons of pickled sheets, 600,000 tons of stainless steel, and color-coated sheets. 650,000 t.

Huaro is capable to supply all kinds of cold rolled steel sheet, galvanized steel, pickled steel and prepainted galvanized cold rolled steel products. 

The steel development trend for Household Appliances 

In the future, as the materials for some home appliances and components are becoming lighter and thinner, cold rolled sheets are required to develop in the direction of thin gauge, high strength, and high hardness. For example, the thickness of cold rolled sheets will continue to decrease from 0.45 mm to 0.3 mm. Vigorously developing high-strength steel sheets with obvious bake hardening properties and reducing costs are the development trends of cold rolled sheet in the future.