Application of Steel in Construction

Importance of steel in construction

Construction is one of the most important steel-using industries, accounting for more than 50% of world steel production. Buildings - from houses to car-parks to schools and skyscrapers - rely on steel for their strength. Types of steel products are also used on roofs and as cladding for exterior walls.

The steel used in buildings mainly includes bar steel, angle steel, strip steel, etc. With high strength steel grade, widely uses in all types of steel products, commonly in flat, square, round or hexagonal shapes. Steel provides equipment such as cranes, drills, bulldozers, scaffolding and reusable and portable shelters used on construction sites. 

Huaro's steel used in construction

The possibilities for using steel in buildings and infrastructure are limitless. The most common application of steel in construction is listed below.

  • Structural sections: these provide a strong, stiff frame for the building and make up 25% of the steel used in buildings.

  • Reinforcing bars: these add tensile strength and stiffness to concrete and make up 44% of the steel used in buildings. Steel is used because it binds well to concrete, has a similar thermal expansion coefficient and is strong and relatively cost-effective. Reinforced concrete is also used to provide deep foundations and basements and is currently the world’s primary building material.

  • Sheet products: 31% is in sheet products such as roofing, purlins, internal walls, ceilings, cladding, and insulating panels for exterior walls.

  • Non-structural steel: steel is also found in many non-structural applications in buildings, such as heating and cooling equipment and interior ducting.

  • Internal fixtures and fittings such as rails, shelving, and stairs are also made of steel. 

Steel application in construction

More and more new material has applied in the Building Construction sector and infrastructure filed. The construction steel materials will become the composite steel with multiple functions and features to protect from the complex environment condition. Steel products will remain as an important material in the construction business.