Application of Steel in Energy

General description of steel product application in Energy

Energy is vital to development. The international energy agency's global world energy outlook 2016 predicts that global energy demand will grow by 30 percent by 2040, with most of this coming from developing countries. Still, they predict that 500 million people will be without access to electricity by then.

Whether it's based on fossil fuels, nuclear technology or renewable sources like wind, solar or geothermal, steel energy will be vital to providing the world with energy. Regardless of the source, steel plays a vital role in producing and distributing energy and improving energy efficiency.

Steel is used to produce and distribute electricity, include the transformer's electromagnetic steel core, Generator and motor, and Distribution tower and steel cable.

Steel is used for energy transportation and distribution: Ships, trucks, and trains.

Huaro's Hot rolled Steel in Energy application

The most widely used in the Energy sector for hot rolled steel products will be the oil pipeline and natural gas transport pipeline. In recent years, in order to meet the demand, the scale of China's oil and gas pipeline network has been continuously expanded, and the construction and management level of pipelines has been greatly improved. According to the "medium and long-term oil and gas pipeline network planning", by 2020, the national long-distance oil and gas pipeline network will reach 169,000 km; by 2025, the pipeline network will reach 240,000 km, and the country will usher in a new period of pipeline development.

Steel products' trend in Energy application

The scale of the oil and gas pipeline network will continue to expand, and the distribution of the pipeline network will also become reasonable, especially the natural gas pipeline will be the priority of construction. Therefore, the hot rolled steel products, include hot rolled steel sheet, hot rolled steel coil, hot rolled steel plate will be constantly needed in the feature.