Application of Steel in Mechanical Engineering

Application of steel in mechanical engineering

Tools and machinery cover a wide range of equipment from small workshop tools to machinery and rolling mills in large factories. Tools and machinery accounted for about 15 percent of global steel use in 2017.

In construction, steel provides almost all the equipment used on the construction site, such as cranes, drills, bulldozers, scaffolding, concrete mixers, etc.

In agriculture, even the basic hoes, shovels and forks or modern combine harvesters, irrigation systems and grain storage silos, steel must be used. High-quality steel products make agriculture easier and more efficient. Steel and mechanical equipment are essential from planting and sowing to watering, harvesting, storing and transporting crops.

Steel types for Machinery

Including the construction engineering transportation and infrastructure sector, the manufacturing of machinery is the key to these sectors' development. A big amount of hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel sheet and high-quality alloy steel will be used in the key part of various types of machinery. In China, about 22% of steel production belongs to all kinds of machinery needs.