Tinplate Coil

Tinplate Coil

Description of Tinplate Coil

Tinplate is made from the cold-rolled sheet which is electroplated with tin. Tin coatings'function is corrosion resistance to steel substrates and preservation of fast and canned foods. Also, the surface of tinplate is suitable for printing and screen printing. Tinplate coil is widely used in the canning, can ends, larger containers and a range of closed parts packaging industry. Different thickness of tinplate coating can be produced to meet specific requirements.

Production Process of Tinplate Coil

1. Charging the Coil: The charged coil is welded to the preceding coil in order to run the facility continuously.

2. Side Trimming: The material is side trimmed to the final width

3. Clean & Pickle: The strip is next electrolytic ally cleaned, pickled, and rinsed by running through a series of tanks to ensure the surface is clean and suitable to accept the electro-deposition of tin.

4. Electroplating: The strip passes through tanks containing tin anodes on either side of the strip and tin electrolyte.

5. Melting Tower (Tin Reflow): The electrolytic tinplate next passes through a melting tower

6. Chemical Treatment: A sodium dichromate solution is next applied to the electrolytic tinplate to create a light protective chromium oxide film.

7. Oiling: The oil is applied to minimize scratching the tin surface in transit and handling.

8. Recoiling: The finished tinplate product finally recoils at the exit end of the electrolytic tin line on a take-up reel that most commonly has a 420mm inside diameter (ID).

9. Quality Inspection: The entire process is monitored automatically and manually to ensure that the material conforms to specification and meets customer expectations.

Application of Tinplate Coil

The application of tinplate coils is very wide. From the packaging materials for food and beverages to grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, the advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide physical and chemical protection of the contents.

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