Tinplate Sheet

Tinplate Sheet

Description of Tinplate Sheet

Tinplate sheet refers to the two sides coated with commercially pure tin cold rolled low carbon sheet or steel strip. Tinplate sheet is the low carbon steel rolled into steel plate, after pickling, cold rolling, electrolytic cleaning annealing, leveling, cutting edge processing, and then after cleaning, electroplating, soft melting, passivation treatment, oiled and cut into tinplate sheet products. As one of the professional tinplate sheet suppliers, HUARO offers high-quality tinplate sheets for sale, come and buy tinplate sheet at HUARO.

Use of Tinplate Sheet:

Tinplate sheet is widely used. It is mainly used in the production of metal packaging, including canned food, drinks, chemicals, medicine, health, coatings, paint, spray, cosmetics bottle caps.

Features of Tinplate Sheet:

Tinplate sheet combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, soldering properties and bright appearance of tin in one material. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, high strength, and good ductility. At the same time, tin plated steel sheet can be highly engineered and it is easy to process. The tinplate sheet also has low pollution to the environment and is easy to recycle.

Advantages of Tinplate Sheet:

Tinplate sheet has the properties of light-proof, good sealing and tin reduction. After being made into a container, tin on the tinplate sheet will interact with oxygen remaining in the container during filling, reducing the chance of oxidation of food components. Because of these properties, tinplate sheet containers can provide a closed system that is completely insulated from environmental factors except heat. Therefore, when tinplate sheet is used in food packaging materials, it can avoid food to become bad because of light, oxygen, moisture, and avoid food to become weak because of aroma through or by environmental odor through pollution and the stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials, the preservation rate of vitamin C is the highest, the preservation of nutrients is also the best.

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