Steel for Marine Use

General description of steel products application in Marine

Marine also is known as the shipbuilding industry, it's one of the biggest steel products cost in the whole steel products market. The marine business has grown the very fast need for Grade A type of hot rolled steel plate, hot rolled steel sheet and stainless steel for marine use. 

These flat steel products are one of the most commonly used in the marine industry. It is produced by rolling machines with smooth surfaces and ranges of dimensions, varying in thickness. Grade A steel plates are used for hull structures and platforms in shipbuilding. Marine steel plate A class is ordinary tensile strength steel. Stainless steel in marine environment has good toughness and high strength, strong corrosion-resistance, machining, and welding properties.

Huaro's stainless steel for marine applications

We have a large quantity of marine grade steel with the properties required for a corrosive environment and have established relationships with some of the best steel mills in the world, which enable us to ensure material availability for large projects. Our inventory operations are supported by technical and supply chain management capabilities, including logistics setup to enable timely delivery.

We also provide a wide range of services, including:


Blasting shot

Cutting, drilling and grooving

Straighten and bend


Nondestructive testing

The trend of steel products application in Marine

The rapid rise of China's economy has promoted the development of international trade, which in turn has stimulated ship demand. After 2007, it is difficult for global ship orders to usher in new peaks, and it is likely that they will continue to linger during the low tide. For the steel industry, the downturn in the domestic shipbuilding industry means"shelving" for the release of "steel demand", and the procurement growth of steel plates, profiles and other types of steel products used for shipbuilding boards and high-strength shipbuilding boards will inevitably slow down. Demand in the shipbuilding market has changed, and steel companies must be prepared early.