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Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is steel that has been roll-pressed at very high temperatures—over 1,700˚F, which is above the re-crystallization temperature for most steels. This makes the steel easier to form, and resulting in products that are easier to work with. As one of the professional hot rolled steel manufacturers, HUARO offers high-quality hot rolled steel for sale, come and buy hot rolled steel at HUARO.

Types of Hot Rolled Steel Sections:

  • Hot Rolled Steel Coil
    The production of hot rolled steel coil is the first procedure for the steel slab. After the first mill and finish mill, the thickness will reduce and finally get hot rolled coil.
  • Hot Rolled Steel Plate
    Hot rolled steel plate, also known as HRP,can be used in different fields including general manufacturing, structural members, high-rise buildings, bridges, storage tanks and mixers.
  • Hot Rolled Steel Sheet
    The characteristic of hot rolled steel sheet is akin to hot rolled steel coil. Advantages of our hot rolled steel sheet is that the surface finish of the product is not an issue.
  • Hot Rolled Strip
    The hot rolled strip is made from plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and silicon steel. It can be applied into raw materials of cold rolled strip, welded pipe, cold-formed and welded steel or for making various components.
  • Pickled Coils
    High quality and value-added pickled coils are available! Good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, fine appearance. The main application includes utomotive industry, the compressor industry, ect.

How to Process Hot Rolled Steel

The continuous casting slab first enters the heating furnace, then passes through the blooming mill for repeated rolling, then enters the finishing mill. In the hot rolling production line, the slab is heated and softened, sent to the rolling mill by the roller table, and finally rolled to the size required by the user. Hot rolling is processed at high temperature. Let the steel recrystallize when the temperature is above 1000 ℃. Make it better. However, hot rolling does not change the structural properties of metals.

Identified Hot Rolled Steel by the Following Characteristics:

  • A scaled metal surface—remnants of extreme temperatures cooling

  • Bars and plates have slightly rounded edges and corners (due to shrinkage and lower machining accuracy)

  • Slightly twisted, cooling may result in a slightly trapezoidal form rather than a completely square Angle

The Advantages of Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel (HRC) usually requires less processing than cold rolled steel products, which makes it cheaper. In general, the mechanical properties of hot rolled steel are better than that of cold rolled steel. After heat treatment, the tensile strength, yield strength, plasticity and toughness of steel will be improved. In addition, it is important that heat treatment can eliminate residual stress.

For the hot rolled steel products, it can eliminate some defects in casting metal, improve the compactness and mechanical properties of the metal. As a result, the heating plasticity is improved, and the deformation resistance is reduced. Therefore, the deformation amount can be increased and the productivity can be improved during rolling