Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI Iron)

Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI Iron)

Definition of HBI

Hot Briquetted Iron, known as HBI or HBI iron, is a premium form of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI).As a supplement for pig iron and scrap in electric furnace steel mills. It is a compacted form of direct reduced iron (DRI), which facilitates its handling, storage, and use. Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) has been compacted at a temperature greater than 650° C at the time of compaction and has a density greater than 5,000 kilograms per cubic meter (5,000 kg/m3).

Typical Specifications of HBI


Total Iron(T Fe)


Metallic Iron(M Fe)





0.9 Ave


0.3 Ave


3.2 Ave


0.05 Max


0.01 Max


2.5 Ave


0.8 Ave

Physical Analysis



Weight of each piece(g)


Bulk Density


Apparent Density


The advantage of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)

HBI is a much safer form of DRI than DRI pellets. It is far more resistant to overheating if it becomes wet. HBI was developed as a product in order to overcome the problems associated with shipping and handling of DRI - due to the process of compaction it is very much less porous and therefore very much less reactive than DRI and does not suffer from the risk of self-heating associated with DRI.

The principal market for HBI is electric arc furnace (EAF) steel-making, but HBI also finds application as a trim coolant in basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel-making and as blast furnace feedstock.

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Application in Huaro's product range includes steel industry and its raw materials supply, the whole production procedure contents several important elements, such as iron ore, pellets, DRI, HBI and slab products. Huaro plays a critical role in the upstream and downstream supply chain circle world widely, to serve the whole industry.