1. What's the trade amount of steel slab and billet per year?

A: The total amount of the trade plan in 2019 is 50,000 tons and in 2020, we are hoping to raise that figure to 100,000 tons.

2. What's the steel grade you are trading? What's the regular size of slab and billet?

A: The normal steel grade in this period is carbon structure steel, steel grade code Q235B (Q345B Q345R etc.) in GB standard of China, the relevant international steel grade code is SS400 S235JR St37-2 etc.

The regular size of the slab is 200/250*1600* (5000-8000) mm.

The regular size of the billet is 130*130/150*150*(8000-12000) mm.

3. What's the payment terms of the trade?

A: According to each sale contract and official Huaro price quotation.

4. What's the MOQ for each order?

A: We can accept small order but it’s going to need extra time for production and transportation. We recommend you contact your sales representative to check the current and latest transportation schedule. The minimum order quantity should not be less than 5,000 tons.

5. What's your storage and loading service?

A: The discharge port is according to each customer's demand and the customer should undertake the extra storage charges if they can't make deliver the goods in restricted time according to the contact. The customer should transfer the goods once they finish the payment and pay the loading cost in the port.

6. What's your price valid and how to quote prices?

A: The price only valid on the date of the price quotation. All the price must be according to the signed and stamped price quotation.