Anti-oxidation Treatment Technology of Graphite Electrode

Anti-oxidation Treatment Technology of Graphite Electrode

Ⅰ. Anti-oxidation treatment process of graphite electrode

The anti-oxidation treatment process of the graphite electrode must go through a series of processes such as material preparation, immersion solution preparation and heating, and immersion electrode treatment.

Ⅱ. Anti-oxidation treatment of graphite electrode

1. Material preparation and weighing: Weigh the graphite electrode to provide qualified materials to be processed;

2. Preparation and heating of the immersion liquid: The ingredients of the immersion liquid include industrial boric acid (h↓[3]bo↓[3]) 18-27%, industrial borax (na↓[2]b↓[4]o↓[ 7]) 7-15%, after mixing, adjust it into liquid with water, and heat it after preparation;

3. Immersion treatment: Put different types of graphite electrodes into a vacuum tank and seal it, vacuum with a vacuum pump, and inject the heated immersion liquid into the vacuum tank for immersion. During the immersion process, when the concentration of the immersion liquid decreases, supplement as appropriate;

4. Second weighing: After the immersion electrode treatment, open the vacuum tank, take out the graphite electrode, and drain the leaching solution. The weight of the electrode after immersion is more than 10%;

5. Drying treatment: the graphite electrode after immersion is dried so that the moisture content of the electrode is not higher than 0.5%;

6. Third weighing: After drying, weigh the graphite electrode again, so that the weight increase is more than 3% of the weight before immersion;

7. Finished product processing: The graphite electrode processed above can be made into a standard shape as required.

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