Harm of Prebaked Anode Oxidation Slag and Crack Fall-block

Harm of Prebaked Anode Oxidation Slag and Crack Fall-block

What is the harm of prebaked anode oxidation slag and crack fall-block?

During the operation of the electrolytic tank, carbon residue and debris are continuously generated around the bottom of the anode carbon block, which will not only increase the carbon consumption, but also destroy the normal technical conditions of aluminum electrolysis production by suspending the carbon residue and debris in the electrolyte, which will seriously endanger the normal production of aluminum electrolysis and even lead to accidental tank stop.

The harm of prebaked anode oxidation slag and crack fall-block are as follows:

(1) Changes in electrolyte conductivity, thus affecting the normal operation of aluminum electrolysis production;

(2) The electrolyte heats up, creating a "hot tank". The accumulation of carbon residue, the increase of electrolyte resistance, resulting in higher tank voltage and increase of heat income, gradually lead to "hot tank", as a result of which the current efficiency decreases, electricity consumption, carbon consumption and fluorine salt unit consumption;

(3) Retrieving carbon residue increased workload and aused economic loss. In order to keep the electrolytic tank running smoothly, the electrolyte crust must be opened and carbon residue and broken carbon anode pieces must be continuously retrieved from the electrolyte at a high temperature of 1000°C. The carbon residue retrieved out contains about 70% of electrolytes, which not only increases carbon and fluorine salt consumption, but also increases heat loss and labor loss;

(4) Anode spikes and side leakage. The carbon residue and anode debris will gather together. Gathering at the side will cause the current to leak along the anode - the gathered carbon residue debris to the side, making it difficult to form the furnace gang; Gathering at the bottom of the anode will cause the anode spikes, which will seriously deteriorate the technical condition of the electrolytic tank and resulting in a sick tank that is extremely difficult to handle and even causes leakage.

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