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The Introduction of Low Carbon Steel

Low carbon steel is a kind of carbon steel with the carbon content less than 0.25%. Because of its low strength, low hardness, softness, so it is also called mild steel. It includes most ordinary carbon structural steels and some high-quality carbon structural steels. Most of them are used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment, and some are used for mechanical parts that require wear resistance after carburizing and other heat treatment.

The annealed structure of low carbon steel is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite. It has low strength and hardness but good plasticity and toughness. Therefore, it has good cold formability and can be cold formed by methods such as roll rim, bending, and stamping. This steel has good weldability. Low carbon steel with very low carbon content has low hardness and poor machinability, and normalizing treatment can improve its machinability.

Originally, due to the inherent characteristics of low carbon steel, the low carbon steel uses are greatly limited. But with the application of some new technologies in the steel industry, the use of low carbon steel has been well developed and utilized. Some large-scale steel plants or steel trading companies in China are actively cooperating with large domestic sling companies to jointly develop a series of high-tech, high-precision and high-quality rigging products, which has played a very good technical role in the rigging industry in China and even around the world. This also directs a new path for our comprehensive utilization of low-carbon steel.

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