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The Status and Function of Iron Ore Mining in Chinese Economy

Mineral resources are an important material basis for national economic and social development. More than 95% of China's energy, more than 80% of industrial raw materials and more than 70% of agricultural production materials come from mineral resources. China is an important producer of mineral resources in the world. And exporting countries, the annual mining output of nearly 5 billion tons, accounting for 1/10 of the world. Mineral resources have become an important part of China's social and economic development and the survival of residents.

Iron ore products, as energy sources and mineral raw materials, play an extremely important and irreplaceable role in economic development and people's lives. Therefore, the development of iron ore mining is of great significance in promoting economic growth. The relationship between the two is that the large demand for iron ore products in economic development has promoted the development of iron mining, and the development of iron mining has played a role in supporting and ensuring economic growth, as well as other relevant economic sectors. The pulling effect further stimulated and promoted the growth of the entire economy.

Industrialization is a comprehensive manifestation of the level of economic and social development of a country or region, and it is also an important symbol of the progress of social civilization. The Industrial Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century brought mankind into an industrial civilization, and it also opened a new era for mankind to develop and utilize mineral resources on a large scale. In just over 200 years since the Industrial Revolution, the rapid progress of science and technology, the substantial increase in production capacity, and the rapid accumulation of human wealth are all based on the large-scale mining and creative use of mineral resources. The development of the national economy and the improvement of the human life level are closely proportional to the development and utilization of mineral resources. The per capita consumption of mineral products has become an important indicator to measure the development of a country and the living standards of its residents. The course of economic development in developed countries shows that a large amount of energy and various mineral raw materials are generally consumed in the initial stage of industrialization, and industrialization is based on the massive consumption of mineral products. Iron ore in China is one of the most important mineral resources that the industrial society depends on for development.

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