What Are the Uses of Galvanized Coils?

What Are the Uses of Galvanized Coils?

When you are on the streets of some industrial parks, I believe you will always encounter some vehicles that look heavy, pulling rolls of steel that are steaming large or small. Many of us do not know that these things are What, what's the use, yes, this is galvanised steel coil. So what is galvanised steel coil? What is the use of galvanised steel coil?

1. Introduction of galvanised steel coil

galvanised steel coil, also known as galvanized coil, is a galvanized coil product. galvanised steel coil is a kind of steel material plated with zinc on the surface. galvanised steel coil is a new type of material. It is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel plate, and uses the physical properties of zinc to play a role in anti-corrosion. galvanised steel coil is the predecessor of galvanized sheet. The galvanized coil is cut into sheets by equipment. The galvanized coil is placed on the shelf with a forklift or aerial crane, and then is conveyed, flattened and cut by the equipment. The widths are all standard widths of one meter, one meter twenty-five, and one meter five, and the length is optional.

2. What are the uses of galvanized coils?

Application of galvanized coil: Coated steel plate has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. It provides a new type of raw material for the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry, etc. Galvanized coils have good effects such as replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy saving, and pollution prevention. As a new material, galvanised steel coil is widely used in construction industry and light industry, and also has great market demand. According to authoritative statistics, the application of galvanised steel coil in these two industries can reach about 30% of the total.

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