Graphite Electrode Has Better Processing Performance Than Copper Electrode

Graphite Electrode Has Better Processing Performance Than Copper Electrode

1. Comparison between graphite electrode and copper electrode

Nowadays, many graphite electrodes are used for processing. After the mold processing factory replaces copper electrodes with graphite electrodes, the first thing to consider is the use of graphite materials and other related factors. Some mold factory customers use graphite electrodes for electrical discharge machining, which doesn't need mold cavity polishing and chemical polishing processes, but still achieves the desired surface smoothness. If the time and polishing process are not increased, the copper electrode cannot make such a workpiece.

In addition, graphite electrodes are divided into multiple grades. In certain applications, appropriate grades of different types of graphite electrodes and spark discharge parameters must be used to achieve the expected processing results. In the electric spark using graphite electrodes, if workers use the same parameters as those of copper electrodes, the result will be disappointing. If you want to strictly control the electrode material, you can set it to a non-destructive state (loss less than 1%) during rough machining of the graphite electrode, but the copper electrode is not used.

2. Graphite electrode has the following outstanding characteristics that copper electrode can't match

(1) Machining speed: high-speed milling rough machining is 3 times faster than that of copper. High-speed milling finish machining is 5 times faster than that of copper.

(2) Good processability and complex geometric modeling can be realized.

(3) Light weight, and its density is a quarter lower than copper's density, and the electrode is easy to clamp.

(4) The number of single electrodes can be reduced, because it can be tied together with bonding electrodes.

(5) Good thermal stability, no deformation and no processing burrs.

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