The Purpose and Performance of Graphite Electrodes and the Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to

The Purpose and Performance of Graphite Electrodes and the Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to

1. The purpose of graphite electrodes:

(1) Used as a conductive electrode for steelmaking electric arc furnaces and refining furnaces;

(2) Used as a conductive electrode in industrial silicon furnaces, yellow phosphorous furnaces, corundum furnaces, etc.;

(3) Graphite electrode performance: good electrical conductivity, strong thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength. 

2. Grade of graphite electrode:

Ordinary power graphite electrode (RP)

Impregnated graphite electrode

High-power graphite electrode (HP)

Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode (UHP)

3. Precautions when using graphite electrodes:

1. According to the capacity of the electric furnace and the load of the transformer, the grade and diameter of the electrode should be appropriately selected.

2. When charging the electric furnace, a large piece of charge should be installed at the bottom of the furnace to prevent the charge from collapsing and breaking the electrode. During the smelting process, avoid a large number of non-conductive objects such as lime from gathering directly under the electrode. Otherwise, it will affect the electrode energization, and even cause the electrode to break.

3. Pay attention to the position of the furnace cover. If the furnace cover is offset, it will scratch the furnace cover when lifting the electrode, causing damage to the electrode.

4. When connecting the electrodes, if any connector bolt is found to be defective, it should be replaced before connecting.

5. After the electrodes are connected, if there is a gap on the connecting surface, be sure to find out the reason. It can be used only after the gap is eliminated.

6. The electrode must be used vertically, and it is strictly prohibited to tilt.

7. The electrode holder should be clamped between the upper and lower warning lines of the top electrode. It is strictly forbidden to clamp it in the cordon (the part of the joint hole) and the electrode in the middle, otherwise it is easy to break the electrode column.

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