Which Industries Use Galvanized Steel Sheet?

Which Industries Use Galvanized Steel Sheet?

1. About the galvanized steel sheet

The bodies of cars and many bicycles are made of galvanized metal. Some drinking water pipes are still made of galvanized steel sheet. Cold rolled sheet metal is also often galvanized. Nuts, bolts, tools and wires of all kinds are now galvanized because it is an inexpensive process that helps prolong the life of the metal.

Galvanized steel sheet, in particular, is often used in modern "steel frame" buildings. Galvanized steel sheet is also used to create structures such as balconies, corridors, stairs, ladders, walkways, and more. Galvanized metal is ideal if your project will live outside after completion. Fences, roofs, outdoor walkways, these are all great choices for galvanized metal.

2. The use of galvanized steel sheet industry

Wind and solar industries: After a solar project is installed, there must be a continuous workflow, and any maintenance will result in service interruption (aka lost revenue). This means that galvanized steel sheet is popular in solar projects because of its corrosion resistance. It's also popular for its "green" friendliness, as it produces no emissions and ensures maintenance-free for decades. For example, it is often used in agriculture, where equipment is susceptible to corrosion, creating a need for stronger, more resilient equipment. Galvanized steel sheet provides corrosion protection that typically lasts for decades, even when exposed to harsh agricultural environments.

Automotive Industry: Although not used in luxury cars until the 1980s, the use of galvanized bodywork in car manufacturing is now the norm. The "body-in-white" of the car accounts for about 80% of the body, all of which are made of galvanized steel sheet. The rust resistance of galvanized steel sheet is also a great marketing tool for the automotive industry, as it provides customers with a "rust-proof warranty."

Construction: Whether residential or commercial, the durability of galvanised steel sheet has made it popular in the construction industry for over a century. It was also chosen to be built for its aesthetics; the "gloss" provided by galvanized rolled steel gives it a contemporary feel and is popular in modern architectural design. In addition, it is not only used for large structural parts, but also for fences, gutters, rails, pipes, utility poles, etc.

Telecom Industry: Phone lines are not an easy job to maintain, they are tall and often hard to reach. Hot-dip galvanized steel can be used for telephone lines and equipment boxes, completely reducing the risk of damage and the need for maintenance.

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