Application Range of the Graphite Electrode

Application Range of the Graphite Electrode

1. Definition of the graphite electrode

The graphite electrode is a type of conductive medium used as the two ends of inputting or outputting the electric current. And this type of conductive medium is made of the material of graphite. During the electric furnace steelmaking process, it is necessary to transform the energy of electricity into heat to make the steal melt. In the past, copper electrodes were always used as conductive materials. With the development of technology, graphite electrodes have gradually replaced copper electrodes.

2. Application range of the graphite electrode

(1) It can be used for electric arc steelmaking furnaces

Electric furnace steelmaking is considered as a big application field of graphite electrodes.

(2) It can be used for submerged electric furnaces

The submerged electric furnace is mainly used for the production of industrial silicon and yellow phosphorus and so on. And the lower part of its conductive electrode is buried in the charge, forming an arc in the charge layer. It uses the heat energy from the resistance of the charge itself to heat the furnace charge, which requires a higher current density of submerged electric furnaces with graphite electrodes.

(3) It can be used for resistance furnaces

Graphitization furnaces for the production of graphite products, melting furnaces for melting glass, and electric furnaces for the production of silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The materials inside the furnace are both heating resistors and objects to be heated. In general, the graphite electrode for conducting electricity is embedded in the furnace headwall at the end of the resistance furnace, where the graphite electrode is used for discontinuous consumption.

(4) It can be used for the preparation of special-shaped graphite products

The blanks of the graphite electrodes are also processed into various crucibles, molds, heating elements and other special-shaped graphite products.

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