Reasons and Precautions for Recycling Graphite Electrodes

Reasons and Precautions for Recycling Graphite Electrodes

Ⅰ. Why recycle graphite electrode

There are many processing procedures for graphite electrode, and the demand for raw materials is large. In actual production, there will be some waste. For example, during the production process, the blank is broken, or the physical and chemical indicators are not up to the standard, which makes unqualified products and causes waste. In addition, steel mills use graphite electrode for smelting, and there is a phenomenon of furnace failure or severe oxidation. In this way, the graphite electrode can no longer be used and become waste materials.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the recycling of graphite electrode

1. Pay attention when recycling graphite electrode. Graphite electrode is sometimes used, sometimes new, and the prices are quoted separately!

2. Price management for the recycling of waste graphite electrode. What is graphite electrode used for? The commodities used by graphite electrode scrap steel manufacturers are sometimes directly dealt through bidding and auction, and sometimes they are trading companies for business. The price of waste graphite as an electrode material is negotiated, and the price is on the market. The too high recycling price cost is absolutely unnecessary!

3. Due to geographical and environmental issues, freight rates vary greatly. The accounting department must clearly calculate the cost, which is very important!

4. The payment management method for recycling waste graphite electrode. The mainstream way is cash transactions, sometimes check transactions, bank acceptance!

5. The manufacturer of the waste graphite electrode, the quality management of the graphite electrode material itself, and the severity of damage!

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