The Introduction to Iron Ore Fines

The Introduction to Iron Ore Fines

Iron ore fines is a kind of ore fines which is made from iron ore (ore containing iron elements or iron compounds) through processing, such as ore processing, crushing, sorting, and grinding. The types of iron ore fines are mainly divided into magnetite fines, hematite fines, limonite fines, siderite iron silicate fines and sulfide iron ore. 

Iron ore fines is the main raw material of the steel industry. It is often used in the metallurgical industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry, machinery industry, aircraft manufacturing and other industries that have a large demand for steel. Imported iron ore fines has a relatively high quality, also called fine iron fines, which can enter the blast furnace after sintering or pelletizing. 

The assimilation of iron ore fines refers to its ability to react with CaO flux during the sintering process. It is expressed as the difficulty of the iron ore fines to form a liquid phase during the sintering process, which is the basis for effective consolidation of the sinter. 

Analysis of factors affecting assimilation. 

Assimilation is one of the important characteristics of iron ore fines. The factors affecting the assimilation of iron ore fines mainly include the type of iron-containing minerals, the grain size and morphology of iron minerals, the content of SiO2 and Al2O3, and the content of gangue minerals, occurrence state, burning loss content and degree of compaction, etc.

Porosity and burning loss content of iron ore fines.

The higher the porosity and burning loss content of iron ore fines, the higher its assimilation is. The reason is: the large reaction interface between iron ore fines with high porosity and CaO is helpful to increase the rate of assimilation reaction; Porosity has a strong positive correlation with burning loss content. In addition, more pores and cracks will be produced after the crystal water volatilizes, thereby improving its assimilation. It further explains the phenomenon that the assimilation of limonite is much higher than that of other types of iron ore fines.

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