What Is the Anode Carbon Block?

What Is the Anode Carbon Block?

1. What is the anode carbon block?

The anode carbon block refers to the carbon block, produced with petroleum coke and pitch coke as aggregate and coal tar pitch as a binder, which is used as the anode material for the pre-baked aluminum electrolytic cell. This kind of carbon block has been roasted and it has a stable geometry. Therefore, it is also called the pre-baked anode carbon block, and it is also called the carbon anode for aluminum electrolysis.

2. The introduction of anode carbon block

Carbon and graphite materials are non-metallic solid materials mainly composed of carbon elements, in which carbon materials are basically composed of non-graphite carbon materials, and graphite materials are materials basically composed of graphitic carbon. For convenience, sometimes carbon and graphite materials are collectively referred to as carbon materials.

Carbon products can be divided into graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, pastes, electric carbon, carbon fiber, special graphites, graphite heat exchangers, etc. According to the allowed current density, graphite electrodes can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrodes, high power electrodes, and ultra-high power electrodes. According to the usage, carbon blocks can be divided into blast furnace carbon blocks, aluminum carbon blocks, and electric furnace blocks, etc. According to the depth of processing, carbon products can be divided into carbon products, graphite products, carbon fibers and graphite fibers, etc. According to different raw materials and production processes, carbon products can be divided into graphite products, carbon products, carbon fibers, special graphite products, etc. According to the ash content, carbon products can be divided into products with more ash and products with less ash (with ash content less than 1%).

3. The cost of anode carbon block

The cell type of the electrolytic cell is divided into the self-baking cell and the pre-baking cell. Correspondingly, the carbon anode used in the self-baking tank is called the anode paste. The carbon anode used in the pre-baking tank is called the anode carbon block. The price of the anode carbon block is relatively high because it has to be roasted firstly and there are more processes.

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